How do I decorate a room like it’s 1987?

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    I like to create a 1987 look in my home and could use some help


    First of all let me say I am so sorry I missed your question. I should have gotten a notification but nothing.
    Anyhow, 1987?
    This is a great question. In the early eighties there was a mostly of ’70’s that dominated nearly every modern home and office.

    By 1987, the look changed from dark paneling, dark green or orange carpet, and avocado green appliance. You might still find some of those around.

    The new look incorporated pastel colors like pink and light blue as you can see in the images below.

    1980-1990 Living Room

    Tables should be at least glass top.
    Furniture at large was light colored wood, white washed or oak.
    Here is an example of the ultimate a Living Room from the eighties.

    However, Since you are a guy these pink colors like the walls above are probably not your thing.
    So right about now you may be thinking that this is not exactly the style you are looking for. Therefore I attached an image with more masculine and updated shades like very light lime green and blue pastels.

    For more inspiration and ideas you could watch some ’80’s movies and/or google “1987 Livingroom images”
    To give it an more personal twist you should try to find Movie or Concert Posters of your favorite artists and frame them in slim picture frames.

    Since 1987, there was a sense of empowerment to use something old in a new way for most teens.
    The rugs above still has a valid modern feel and I would try to find color combinations that reflect the color on your walls. The same would go for your throw pillows.

    Here is a TIP:
    In general, it is easier to create a look if you find a color or a piece of furniture that stimulates the look and feel you like. And from there and just build the rest of the room around it.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your retro ’80’s room!

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