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    How do you determine the correct door swing when ordering interior doors? And does the direction actually matter or is it simply about personal preference?

    Juergen Kuhlmann, Owner & Operator (2000-present)

    Answered Sep 27

    When replacing doors in an existing home your door-swing-options are limited.

    Simply by the location of your light switch…

    Let me explain…

    When you are entering a room in the dark where are you feeling the wall to find a light switch?

    Riiiight, now you getting it…lol

    So lets say you have a door that is hinged on the left and swings into the room as the usually do.

    If you change the hinge side and swing…you open the door and your light switch is behind the door. So you would have to go into the room close the door and then you can flip the switch.

    See what I mean?

    Hope it helps let me know if you need more help


    PS Left hand swing (hinged on the left) right hand swing (hinged on right) always looking from the side of the door casing (door swing away from you).

    That would make the door above in the funny Photo a left hand door swing.

    You can also think of it to as what hand you would use to open the door. But reference to the hinge side is better …ya never know




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